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students dancing forró in Toronto

A Forró Dance Community

Our Classes

Dancing Forró is a great way to improve on musicality, engage with community and make new friends!

Our classes happen once a week, every Friday, and people of all levels and backgrounds are welcome. We provide lessons for newcomers, beginners and intermediate levels, while also offering a comfortable dancing environment.


First Steps

Start your journey in the forró world, learning the main forró bases and developing coordination skills to go further in your next steps.


Building Fundamentals


Broaden and enrich your repertoire of movements while learning steps and techniques that will serve as a base for more advanced sequences.


Body Connection

Go beyond the steps, learning more about the underlying forró concepts, improving your connection to the music, dance and your partner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep forró community alive by providing weekly, quality Forró dance classes in a friendly, respectful and welcoming environment. 

man and woman dancing forró

"I joined FFA in July 2022 and it's been way better than I ever could've imagined! I had no previous dancing experience, but I was exposed to a little forró a few years prior, loved it, and wanted to give it a shot even though I was a bit nervous before going the first time. I'm so glad I did! I was only expecting to learn forró, but ended up making new friends as well. Each week I learn something new from the super friendly instructors, challenge myself in a fun way, and continue to feel a part of this forró family. Highly recommended!"

Mike Andrade

Contact Us

Fell free to contact us any time. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

115 The Esplanade - access via back-entrance on Market St, off the intersection of Market St and Wilton St.

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