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Can I plan events with Forró For All?

If you'd like to plan events and receive some support from members of the FFA community, we invite you to an events planning partnership with FFA. Right now, the sole purpose of FFA is to make the Friday classes happen, and the individuals on the Volunteer Team have varying capacities to help with outside events. We want to see everyone succeed in their efforts though, so we're always happy to talk and brainstorm and see what any of us can offer, e.g. advertising, leveraging connections, teaching, bringing food, decorating, etc.

Can I donate to Forró For All?

If you'd like to donate or become a sponsor, we would gratefully use any donations to further support the classes and related activities. Please just remember that monetary donations cannot foreseeably be honored with donation receipts because FFA doesn't qualify as a donee for Donation Tax Credit purposes. If you want to donate an item (e.g. business cards or food), the best way right now is if you purchased those yourself - this is how the admins have been donating other things like the tablet, cash bags, domain name, etc.

Can I join the FFA Volunteer Team?

Contact us if you'd like to help in running the classes, being an instructor, assisting with admin functions, or if you see a need anywhere.

How else can I contribute?

You tell us! We're happy to listen to any cool ideas and brainstorm how to make them happen!

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