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Instructor leading forró class

Our Classes

Forró For All classes happen once a week, every Friday, and people of all levels and backgrounds are welcome. We provide lessons for newcomers, beginners and intermediate levels. We offer a joyful dancing experience in a respectful and welcoming environment.


Our classes are organized such that students can learn continuously and progress through the different class levels.


First Steps

If you have never had any forró experience before, in a newcomer class you are going to learn how to do your first steps.

In a single session, our goal is getting you to know the two main bases of forró in order to develop the next steps. Focusing on the hug/frame (proper posture, arm positioning, and points of body contact).

In your first contact with forró, we are seeking to start your journey to awaken your body awareness via solo and partner exercises, mindful weight transferring, and minding the tempo. By the end of this session, you should be able to perform bases 1 and 2, as well as switch between them, and have some understanding of tempo.

Newcomers instructor talking to forró students
Couple dancing forró

Building Movements

Our beginner classes are intended for those people who already have some forró dance experience, but still need to get more comfortable with forró basics, and to lose the fear of dancing.


This level lasts for around three months, and we  focus on enriching the repertoire of movements, where you will learn the steps that will serve as a base for future developments. Some of these steps have a primarily didactic purpose, allowing the students to develop new skills and fostering body and rhythmic consciousness. 


This cycle comprises the foundation to enable the students to progress in the learning of Forró. The main goal is to tackle bad habits that the students bring from other dances or default ways of moving.


Body Connection

Intermediate classes are specially for those people who finished the beginner cycle, and want to go further, increasing their forró knowledge.

In a cycle of around three and a half months, our goal is to go further and broaden the repertoire of forró steps, learning to explore underlying concepts and, with that knowledge, variations of steps.

During this cycle, the technique is expected to be honed, as well as rhythm, musicality, and spatial consciousness.

Intermediate level couple dancing forró
Weekly Forró Classes

Our forró classes happen from 7 to 9. Lessons happen simultaneously in separate circles.



7:00 - 7:10 - Stretching and warming up.

7:11 - 8:00 - Time to learn some forró movements.

8:00 - 8:30 - Let’s practice what you have learned.

8:30 - 9:00 - Free dance

Social Party Classes

During some celebratory dates, like Halloween, and Christmas, we usually have social classes, where we can celebrate special moments together, having fun on a joyful day. We have some lessons and exercises during social classes, focusing on developing our body and musical consciousness.


Check some of these moments here, or on our Instagram.

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